You may remember when Will Smith became a motivational speaker overnight and talked about turning 50 and doing only exactly what he wanted to, facing his fears, skydiving, etc. Well now he's taken that to a jokey extreme with his Instagram fantasy of Formula 1 chaos. 

While attending the F1 race in Abu Dhabi to wave the checkered flag (a charmed life this man lives), Smith also got a tour of the garage of the Mercedes team by his "boy" Lewis Hamilton. Instead of leaving it at that and posting the requisite photo of them together, Smith filmed a skit where he kidnaps Hamilton, ties him up, dresses in his suit and helmet and gets in the car to drive the race. He tells Hamilton in the video: “here’s the deal. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, man. You’ve already won, man. Save stuff for other people. You black. I’m black. Ain’t nobody gonna know the difference."Whoever's running Will Smith's Instagram should be getting very paid for this editing job:

In terms of the actual race, Lewis Hamilton came first and Sebastien Vettel came second, making for an unsurprising grand prix. Watch the full highlights of the race below: