Jada Pinkett Smith and comedian Tommy Davidson star in the 1998 film Woo. Once the film was wrapped, Tommy and the producers weren't so happy with the ending so they decided to end with a scene of he and Jada's character dancing since they played each other's love interest in the film. Tommy had an idea to kiss Jada while cameras were rolling for added effect but failed to pass the idea by Jada before they went on set. Since Jada and Will Smith were engaged at the time, the Bad Boys actor was present on set and saw Jada flinch when Tommy went in for the kiss. 

 Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images 

“I didn’t know this: You have to rehearse a kiss,” Tommy wrote in his new memoir Living in Color. “You can’t just spring it on your costar … And I didn’t think it was all that big of a deal.” After the scene, Tommy detailed how Will stormed into his trailer to confront him and things got tense. “I didn’t appreciate that,” Will said. 

“Will went all gangsta on me, saying what I did was not cool,” Tommy continued. “There was a moment there when we might have come to blows. My reactive fight-or-flight instinct was triggered and I could have exploded.” The issue was settled since Jada was right behind Will and came into the trailer to defuse the situation. Apparently the situation is now history as Jada and Will have always been nice when running into Tommy.