Although we've known about it for a while now, the fact that the Bad Boys are back has really hit home today. The movie, which was confirmed two months ago when Lawrence that "it's official" on Instagram, has started production today, according to Will Smith himself. 

Smith posted a photo on Instagram of a stack of what look to be scripts or production notes with the title "Bad Boys For Lif3" written on the spines and the caption "Day 1. I’ll keep y’all posted." Whether this means day one of filming or Smith means this is truly day one of the whole process is unclear but, like he said, he'll keep us posted.

There's not much information about sequel other than the fact that it's happening, so we're left with countless questions. First on the list: will Gabrielle Union reprise her role as Syd Burnett? She's already making a TV spinoff where she plays the same character and which will also star Jessica Alba, but there's no word on her involvement in the new movie yet (there is likewise no information on a possible cameo from her husband). Let's hope for more news soon because, as Will Smith says, "it’s been a LOOOONG time Coming."