Will Smith returned to rapping last week, with his verse on the remix of Bomba Estério "Fiesta." It may not be the remix or appearance you were expecting from Will Smith, but it did the trick. Now fans are wondering if there's more new music where that came from?

To answer not really answer that question, Smith paid a visit to Zane Lowe for his Beats 1 radio show. During the show, they discussed Will's verse on the "Fiesta (Remix)" and his return to form, although he didn't really detail too much in regards to a comeback career. However, there is this little gem at the very end of the interview (after he reveals he's never actually met "Suicide Squad" co-star Jared Leto).

"I'm pretty certain I'm going on tour," Will told Zane. "Jeff and I actually never have done a full tour-- I was always on 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,' I was always making a movie, so we've never actually done a full tour. So I'm looking this summer for the first time we go out on a full world tour." 

"I'm really ready," he added, "I'm excited about getting it into my music."

Oh yeah, there could very well be a new "Bad Boys" film in 12 to 16 months.