On one hand, there's Denzel Washington, who has never done a sequel in his career before the recent Equalizer 2 film. On the other hand, there's Will Smith, who's being pulled in every direction to film sequels. Smith is experiencing a revitalization of his career, and is enjoying an insanely successful year. Other than taking over social media, Smith has been back in the studio recording, and he also performed in front of billions for the FIFA World Cup. According to GWW (Via ScreenRant), delays to the filming of Suicide Squad has given Smith the time to dive into two other sequels. 

Sony Pictures plans on filming the third Bad Boys movie, entitled Bad Boys For Life, this Fall. Shooting is expected to take place from this November to next March in Miami and Atlanta. The release date for Bad Boys For Life is slated for January 17th, 2020. After that, Smith will embark on a journey to film Bright 2 for Netflix. Director David Ayer is looking to begin shooting in March in Germany. That leaves Suicide Squad 2 for last, and the villain-centric sequel may be pushed back further than fans expect. Margot Robbie is set to begin work on a film featuring her Harley Quinn character, while Jared Leto is obligated to fill the shoes of Morbius for Sony.