Jaden Smith's progression in the rap game has come a long way since he was mostly known for being Will Smith's son and making weird tweets about eyes and mirrors. He released his debut album, SYRE, last year and he already has a follow-up project, SYRE: The Electric Album, dropping this Friday. 

Of course, when your dad is former rapper, superstar Hollywood actor, and noted Instagram troll, it's hard to be rid of him completely. Especially when he decides to throw himself on a remix of one of your songs without your permission. 

That's exactly what Will Smith did when he posted a video on Instagram today, showing him spitting his own verse on Jaden's Spanish remix to his song "Icon."

In the video, Will can be seen hiding behind Nicky Jam, who was featured on the original remix. Will must have gone through him to spit his verse, which takes aim directly at Jaden, and goes into exactly who's fault it is he has an icon status in the first place. 

"Boy do you know why you was an icon living / you was born from an icon living / messed around married me an icon living / tequila, yeah we made some icon children," Smith raps. 

Will already announced his intention to get back into the booth and release new music, but it seems he can't help himself when it comes to poking fun at his kids. Check out Will Smith's remix to the "Icon" remix in the video down below.