The Black Eyed Peas were recently in Australia for a group performance and after their show was reviewed by the local paper, calling out for checking his phone on stage, the group clapped back explaining how it was for a reason. 

"Sharing on socials isn’t checking phone mid song...that’s me being a performer & camera man showing the world how Awesome Australia is," wrote on Twitter. "I wanted the world to see Australia from my point of view...& that POV is awesome & lovely...sorry if I offended anyone by sharing my love."

BEP member Taboo even shared his stance, saying the idea of the group not being interested in their Australian crowd is absurd. "Honestly we where very interested and excited to be part of this -I will lead with ultimate Big Love and say u must have been in a different mode if u thought we where not interested We love Australia and enjoyed every minute of our set .. Love to u all."