will.i.am has agreed to pay $2.2 million to put a lawsuit to a definite end. The rapper had previously asked for the legal action to be simply tossed, but he has since buckled under legal pressures and opted to settle for a fraction of the sum the opposition asked from him.

Will's legal issues were made public earlier this year when the filing of a lawsuit against him was reported. The artist was caught up in the aftermath of a headphone deal gone wrong. His former business partners at FIH Mobile insisted the rapper owed them money for products that had been delivered to him. Will wanted the matter to be dismissed since, from his point of view, the quality of the products weren't up to standard. He refused to pay for $3.4 million worth of headphones that were exclusively made for him. 

The producer turned entrepreneur insisted he never had a deal with FIH Mobile to create his own line of headphones. He also stated that he had already paid them $5.5 million for the production of the headphones he did receive, while they were still expecting to receive an additional $2.3 million, a lesser amount than the $3.4 million they asked for in the lawsuit. Both parties have finally found a compromise with will.i.am's agreement to pay them $2.2 million.