Several hours ago, it was reported that beloved Geto Boys member Bushwick Bill is dealing with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The rapper explained the scary buildup to his prognosis in a video issued to TMZ. As he outlined in the following video PSA, the diagnosis was unexpected, because, in previous check-ups, he and his doctor were under the impression they were dealing with nothing more than a benign mass over his pancreas.

TMZ held onto to the video as per their agreement, until Bill was ready to come forward with the news. At the time of recording, Bushwick Bill hadn't told his bandmates Willie D and Scarface about his cancer, and the ongoing chemotherapy he was undergoing as a consequence. Only family members sworn by blood were privy to this information. 

Sometime between there and now, his fellow Geto Boys were brought up to speed. Roughly 10 hours after the fact, Willie D has come out with the first public showing of support for his bandmate, by which he described coming to grips with the illness, by the header: "Bad News Family." In the following passage, mirrored on his Twitter feed as well, Willie D talks about learning of Bushwick's illness months ago but chose to keep mum out of respect for his privacy and such.

"As many of you learned today, our bandmate, fellow Geto Boy Bushwick Bill has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Scarface and I was made aware of Bill's condition months ago, but wanted to respect his privacy and allow him to speak on it in his time, which he did today," Willie D wrote out of respect to his lifelong riding partner. He then promised to elaborate on his feelings in a recorded video reserved for his "Willie D Live" YouTube channel. Our thoughts and wishes go out to Willie, Scarface, and Bushwick Bill in this painstaking moment in their lives.