Willie Nelson has stories for days, but many have grown fond of a particular story that was recounted by Snoop Dogg, and involved Nelson out-smoking the OG rapper.

Snoop himself has admitted that Willie Nelson remains the only person to accomplish this feat. The rapper once explained to Jimmy Fallon that they had a secret link up in Amsterdam during a 4/20 weekend. "Once we met up, I was in a hotel room. We was playing dominos and enjoying life," said Snoop Dogg, alluding to their favorite recreational past time.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"We developed a hunger," Snoop continued. "Naturally, we wanted to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken which is one of our favorite spots, his and mine. So we pull up in the drive-thru, we order the chicken... When they give it to us, they hand us the big bucket. We take the top off and we both put our hands in at the same time and we grabbed the same piece of chicken at the same damn time."

Now, in a recent interview with the Daily Beast, the country legend corroborated Snoop's tale. "That was over in Amsterdam! I called Snoop and I said, “Hey buddy, you gotta come over here. This is where it’s at!” So he came over and we hit every bar, every smoke place in Amsterdam. We had a helluva time," he said before confirming the story about KFC.

Check out Snoop Dogg's story below. Who do you think can out-smoke Willie Nelson?