Have you ever ordered something from a fast food chain and found out that they got it wrong? Maybe you asked for no onion & tomato and they ended up having it on there. We’ve all been there before. However normally, whenever someone makes a mistake with their order they go back and politely tell the cashier/waiter about the mishap, and it get fixed without hassle most of the time. That’s not the case for a woman in Wisconsin who thought she needed to call the cops for her wrong order and the attitude she was receiving.

TMZ reports that a woman in Waukesha, Wisconsin decided to call the police Saturday after her sandwich was made wrong and the staff allegedly gave her attitude. The lady reportedly told police the KFC crew tried making her another one, but that she didn't feel comfortable and wanted her money back.

Believe it or not, officers actually responded to the fast-food chain and found the angry customer still waiting in the drive-thru line. Apparently, they told both her and the KFC team to work it out among themselves as their beef clearly wasn't an emergency and just civil. But holy hell, she actually called the police over a $6 dollar chicken sandwich.