Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky recently announced a new "Under The Influence" tour, which will see the two drug-talking rappers co-headline shows together. Funnily enough, Rocky and Wiz actually don't have any music together-- so the two are remedying that before the tour kicks off so that they'll be able to perform together on stage.

Rocky spoke on their decision to do this collaborative concert series, which will also feature Trinidad James and Joey Bada$$. "We're like two of a kind, from the same element. We're infatuated with marijuana, that's the obvious. For the most part, we share the same fans anyway. Most of my fans are his fans, most of his fans are my fans. So it's just like bridging that gap together, I think it's well over due."

Wiz also explained their plans for upcoming collaborations. "We don't have any [songs] together yet, but we're gonna make some, and then perform them. And we're gonna make videos, and star in them."

Check out the interview with LiveNation below.