No matter what move Wiz Khalifa makes musically, he'll always have people eager to hear his next drop. And it's valid, considering that Wiz Khalifa is always willing to step out of his comfort zone and try new things. While he hasn't released a studio album since 2014's Blacc Hollywood, he's been gearing up to drop the sequel to his major label debut Rolling Papers 2. Last week, he posted a picture with Pharrell in the studio, hinting that they'd be in the studio working on something new. In his latest episode of DayToday, he previews some new music and gives us better insight to his relationship with Pharrell

Wiz Khalifa's "DayToday" series has been a favorite among his fans. It's always nice to get more insight to his personal life and is creative process and he's been giving his fans a peak at his even before his mainstream success. He unveiled another episode today from the vlog series and this time, he seems to be working on unheard music that he's been working on with Pharrell. At the beginning of the clip, he's seen smoking a joint with a smooth beat playing in the background while he raps "Look what you did to me/ Look what you did to me/Double my chips/ Look what you did to me." It's definitely sounding like it's going to be another hit under Wiz' belt.

While the short video doesn't say where the music will go, someone tweeted Wiz asking him if he'll be dropping a mixtape before his upcoming album. He responds saying that he'll just be releasing an album. So it's likely that the latest record will end up on Wiz Khalifa's album but that's yet to be confirmed. 

Aside from the collaboration, this DayToday episode captures a rare and insightful conversation between both Pharrell and Wiz Khalifa. Pharrell is always quick to applaud the younger generation for their work in the culture and Wiz' efforts haven't gone unnoticed by the veteran producer. Pharell goes onto praise Wiz Khalifa for the consistency he's put into his music.

"I hate to say it man but a lot of the times man, we hear songs that are awesome and then you like really root for the person like 'man, you know this person is great, I really love this, really love that. Why can't they make another record?' Why can't they figure it out. And you can't figure out for the life of you why they can't make another record," Pharrell continues, "You're not one of those guys."

At the end of the video, Wiz and Pharrell and seen vibing out in the studio, presumably to unheard music.

Watch the whole thing below: