It's no secret that Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa has been training in the gym, perfecting his skills in the ring and teasing a move to combat sports. For the last couple of years, the "Black and Yellow" superstar has flexed his physique as improves from a former skinny legend to a current jacked beast. While his frame is still on the lanky side, Khalifa is not somebody you want to get into a fight with -- on the street or in the octagon. If the money is right, Wiz would consider a mixed martial arts fight but, until then, he'll stay busy pondering aliases for when/if that ever happens.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Posting a video of himself kicking a heavy bag with impressive form, Wiz Khalifa asked fans to give him a new name for when he enters the ring. A few stood out, including Wiz Kicklifa, but one had the rapper in tears because of how perfect it was. "Kicc Fil A," laughed Wiz, echoing a fan's suggestion and wondering if he has what it takes to be a successful combat sports artist. 

Do you think Wiz Khalifa has a decent kick or would he not stand a chance against an accomplished fighter?