Wiz Khalifa is a man of many talents. Aside from having an unmatched mixtape discography, the weed enthusiast has also been training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing for a couple of years now. Seemingly perfecting his craft, the hitmaker takes to Instagram from time to time 

While his lanky frame and cannabis-induced charisma may fool you, the latest boxing clip from the "Black and Yellow" artist proves he for sure knows how to throw hands. After sharing footage of a recent sparring session, the Pittsburgh native received praise from MMA pros. 

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"Play Date at @Unbreakable [Wiz Khalifa]. Just a dude boxin a dude," wrote NFL sports insider Jay Glazer in a tweet with an attached video of the two boxing. He stood tall over Glazer as he threw some punches, earning praise from industry professionals for his performance. 

Tyron Woodley left flame emojis under the post, while Kevin Ferguson Jr. proposed to him, "Let's get some rounds in." Lucas Marins added, "Nice my brother," while Saenchai left a simple flexing emoji. Perhaps Wiz will be the latest celebrity-turned-boxer.  

In other Wiz news, he recently accepted a sincere apology from Peter Rosenberg after he revealed intimate details about why he and his former wife Amber Rose split up in 2014, admitting he may have overstepped some boundaries.  "I could've been a supportive friend and not be a dickhead to you," said Rosenberg. 

"I appreciate the apology, man. At the time, that was very, very one-sided and it was fucked up, bro," Wiz said to his friend, effectively ending their beef. "For me, I'm your homie, you know what I'm sayin'? If it's an issue like that, we talk. You got on the radio and told one side of a story as soon as it happened..."