Wiz Khalifa is currently in the midst of his Dazed & Blazed Tour but when he's not dazing and blazing, he can be found at the nearest gym. If you juxtapose images of Wiz from a few years ago next to photos of him today, he will hardly look like the same man. Once a skinny, lanky stoner, Wiz has transformed himself into one of the fittest people in the business. And considering how many fitness addicts there are in Hollywood and the music industry, that's saying a lot. Showing off his MMA-inspired workouts on the regular, Wiz's consistency and dedication are absolutely showing through the insane body transformation he's undergone.

A few months ago, Khalifa made sure to show everybody how his summer body was progressing and as we near the end of July, the recording artist decided to give a little bit of an update, showing just how jacked he is these days. Rocking Off-White gym shorts and ensuring he remains hydrated throughout his routine, Wiz flaunted his six-pack as he granted his fans a "NICE LIL SHIRTLESS PIC TO START OFF THE TOUR." With his relationship to Winnie Harlow all but confirmed at this point, perhaps he's been getting a little extra workout in at nighttime... Nah mean?

With the star looking as ripped as he ever has, his MMA future depends on the bag he would receive. While his trainer believes he would have a good chancesome fighters think they would kick his ass while expending no effort. Live your dreams, Wiz. Congrats on the new body!