Wiz Khalifa is one of hip hop's more unproblematic talents, largely opting to stay away from the drama to get to the Oreo bag.

The Pittsburgh rapper announced a partnership with Nextbite, a company that "successfully creates delivery-only restaurant concepts with high-quality, chef-inspired menus available through delivery apps," to launch his new "HotBox By Wiz" virtual restaurant venture.

Wiz's chain of delivery only restaurants launches today in Pittsburgh (obviously), New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Denver, D.C, Indianapolis, and Houston. 

According to a statement released to announce the new venture, the virtual restaurants will "feature Wiz’s personal favorite dishes" and is "personally curated by Wiz himself, with input from fans."

Fans can choose between "small hits," "big hits," "healthy hits," and dessert options, which include options ranging from "crispy, savory burnt brisket ends smothered in a smoky sweet BBQ sauce" to a "burn slow blackened salmon salad."

New locations are set to be announced with input from fans, but those lucky enough to live in the metropolitan areas included in the initial rollout can start ordering their Wiz approved munchies today.

Wiz is also currently promoting the release of his new McQueen and the Violet Fog line of gin, which you can pair with your HotBox meal if you really want to Taylor Gang it out. 

You can check out the menu here. Will you be trying HotBox food?