With his anticipated sequel Rolling Papers 2 on the horizon, father slash rapper slash Muay Thai aficionado Wiz Khalifa sat down with SSense for an in depth interview. While many topics were covered, an interesting discourse emerged surrounding the youth of hip-hop culture. 

"I know that people are attracted to my music and that they love my music but they just love my personality as well," explains Wiz. "And that’s where I’m really consistent. You can always catch me being me [and] I’m really fortunate that’s what people look forward to, as opposed to a car or a chain. As long as I’m still bringing that message across and bettering myself, they want me to continue to do that.” Wise words, and perhaps any young up-and-comers looking to chase the latest trends should take note. 

On that note, Wiz proceeds to make an interesting observation about the youth of today; while many flock to the the rap scene, Wiz feels like few deserve to label themselves "rap fans." When asked, Wiz replies stating "I really love rap music, like, I’m a rap fan. These kids, they’re not rap fans. They don’t know the greats, they don’t know the legends ‘cause that shit takes over you. That shit took over my whole life and that’s why I could never turn my back."  His words certainly have some credence, especially given the string of controversy that seems to pop off every time a young rapper speaks about Pac and/or Big.

Don't get it twisted. Wiz still fancies himself a "rockstar," a title many young rappers aspire to chase. Yet the foundation of his persona will always remain the house that hip-hop built.  "I might have a rockstar aura and my attitude might be that I don't give a fuck but lyricism, production, beats, fuckin' artwork like everything that goes into making real rap music," he says. "That’s what we do.”

Rolling Papers 2 drops Friday, July 13. For more from Wiz Khalifa, peep the full interview at SSense