As we all continue to hope and pray that DMX pushes through, the Hip-Hop community has definitely learned over the past week how important it is to give people their roses while they can still smell them. There has been an outpouring of support for DMX, and along with it, several people have taken the time to share their personal moments with DMX and show how much they mean to him, Wiz Khalifa included

After showing love to DMXWiz Khalifa was apparently in a similar mood yesterday, as he decided to take to Twitter to offer some praise to one of Hip-Hop's veteran artists: the lead emcee of The Roots, Black Thought. Before unleashing his hot take, Wiz prefaced his subsequent mini Twitter rant by saying, "Gotta couple random tweets." After dropping that disclaimer, the Taylor Gang artist let off a few random statements —‌ including and "Stop puttin the syrup in the fridge" "Bong rips plus waffles equals got damn" —‌ but none of them were as significant as what he had to say about Black Thought.

In the tweet, Wiz simply writes, "Black Thought is one of the best rappers to ever live." The Pittsburgh rapper's praise for Black Thought comes weeks after Questlove discussed why he thought that Black Thought was "blackballed" by other rappers, but according to Wiz Khalifa, that hasn't stopped Black Thought from being great.

Do you agree with Wiz Khalifa's opinion that Black Thought is one of the best rappers of all time?