The brand is strong. Not long after announcing their new deal with Showtime, Desus and Mero have shared an interview with Wiz Khalifa, mere weeks before the arrival of Rolling Papers 2. Those intrigued by backdoor weed talk would be keen to know whether or not Wiz feels he can be out-smoked by any industry cats. Though initially reticent to dole out credit, Wiz eventually gives Curren$y his credit, before bowing down to the iron-lungs of B-Real. "He can out-smoke me, any day, one hundred percent," says Wiz. While not quite elite status, he does give credit to some tried and true fiends. "Rick Ross can smoke, Xzibit," says Wiz. "Miley Cyrus smoke a lot of weed. She smoke big weed. Hella weed."

After remarking on Wiz' new and improved physique, Wiz reveals his impressive gym routine, which speaks volumes about his commitment levels. "I go to the gym five days a week, bro," says Wiz. "Back and shoulders Monday, legs Tuesday, chest Wednesday, back-to-back on Thursday, legs on Friday." Plus, a strict Muay Thai regiment is never far from the Khalifa itinerary. Though he does profess to "come in peace," he does manage to throw in a few humble-brags in the mix, once Desus jokes that he'd be a good fit for a new Def Jam Vendetta game. "I'd be the best character," laughs Wiz. Is he wrong though?

In what might be a bit of a silly question, Desus asks Wiz whether he's still smoking weed. "Absolutely!" says Wiz. "It helps me focus." Citing its curative properties, Wiz claims that the reefer helps with his recovery process, especially after taking a beating at the gym. 

For more from Wiz, be sure to check out Desus and Mero's full interview below.