For the majority of his career, Wiz Khalifa never seemed to be the type of guy to hit the gym. He's embraced his thin physique and seemed to embrace kush-ups over push-ups. Mind you, he's still a heavy smoker and that doesn't look like it'll change any time soon. In recent times, he's been taking care of his physical health much more and hitting the gym more frequently. He's been getting buffer by the months and has been sharing the progress on Instagram. While he's shared a few videos of some of the exercises he does in the gym, today, he gave his fans a much more comprehensive look at his work out regimen.

Wiz Khalifa took to Instagram to share a short video of his work out routine. The video is captioned, "A MAN DEFEATS HIMSELF THE MOMENT HE DECIDES TO ACCEPT LESS," as he's seen pushing himself to the limit with each exercise. He hits some full barbell squats, pelvic thrusts and closes out the video by showing off his kick boxing skills, all while in short-shorts. For the past several months, Wiz has been getting noticeably bigger and it's definitely due to the high-level energy work out he's been putting in. It's also inspiration for all the skinny guys that are trying to get more mass on their body. 

Aside from working out, Wiz has been busy working on new music. At the tail end of the fall, he confirmed that Rolling Papers 2 was all done. He was teasing the project for a while and shortly after the confirmation, he revealed that he'd be dropping a mixtape before the album. A few weeks back, he kept to the promise and dropped off his most recent project Laugh Now, Fly Later. It was a dope tape that was definitely meant to keep his fans satisfied until Rolling Papers 2 drops. However, he hasn't really made much mention of his forthcoming album since. Hopefully, he starts the roll out for his forthcoming project once the new years hits.

Check out Wiz Khalifa's work out regimen below: