On 4/20, Wiz Khalifa appeared in a cloud of smoke to deliver the arrival date to his upcoming Rolling Papers 2, which is all set for a July 13th release. While we are grateful that the anticipated project has a date, it does feel like a long time coming, especially given the slew of dope albums set to line up May and June alone. Still, it's good to know that July will house at least one A-list drop to keep the summer going strong. Luckily, it would appear that Wiz has decided to show mercy, and bestow a gift upon us sooner rather than later.

Recently, Khalifa took a break from his MMA kicking drills to hop onto Instagram and announce his intentions. "New music coming soon," he writes, alongside an all-smiles picture. Again, we fans have learned to be wary of the infamous "coming soon," which has often gone on to mean the exact opposite. Yet look at that smiling mug. How can you distrust somebody that high? They seem incapable of lying. In Wiz we trust.

With that logic in mind, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Rolling Papers rapper come through with a single or two to whet our appetites. Hopefully he holds true to the "soon" part, and we can be listening to new Wiz in a few weeks from now. Stay tuned for more news on the Khalifa rollout.