Wiz was in South America during his ridiculous Twitter spat with Kanye West that went down on Wednesday (Jan. 29). Later that night, after 'Ye had disparaged Wiz' ex-wife and claimed ownership over their child together, the Taylor Gang emcee yelled "fuck Kanye!" while he was performing in Argentina. 

Wiz went on to perform in the neighboring country of Chile the next night, and during that show, he had more harsh words for Kanye.

In video captured by TMZ, one can hear Wiz' switch up the lyrics to one of his songs in order to indict West: "Kanye gon' get smashed out," he sings near the beginning of the clip. He then repeated one of his tweets that he had directed at Kanye during their initial back and forth: "KK is weed fool." 

And it seems that Wiz' South American fans are well aware of the viral beef, as someone in the Chilean crowd can be seen holding up a sign that reads "YE IS A LIL BITCH." 

Before the clip ends, Wiz can be heard issuing one more threat toward the WAVES rapper: "We coming for you Kanye, you better run n*gga."