Wiz Khalifa's been in the game for over 10 years at this point but his reach in the mainstream only began with "Black & Yellow." The Pittsburgh rapper started from the ground up, like many rappers. In a recent interview with E. Dan from ID Labs, he reveals how Wiz Khalifa kicked his career off at 16 years old.

For any rapper, studio time is a pretty big cost in the budget and at 16 years old, it's pretty difficult to afford a lot of time in the lab. E. Dan revealed to BeatStars that Wiz initially hit the studio after hearing about it through a friend. After spending a few sessions at E. Dan's studio, he later on started interning at the studio in exchange for studio time.

"He had heard about the place through a mutual friend. Maybe the second or third session in, I just really recognized that he was working with a lot of talent and I decided to call him up and sort of offer the studio to him if in exchange, he would come down and sort of help out," he said.

At the time, the studio was just getting started and there was only a few people helping out. However, Wiz' time as an intern would later be cut short due to his talent.

"It didn't last very long, his intern gig. We both felt like we were onto something and it turned into a musical thing. Eventually, every moment he was in there, we were working on music," E. Dan said.

E. Dan later gave advice for younger producers and how to maneuver themselves in the game in 2017.

Watch the full interview below: