Wiz Khalifa is a loving father of one, co-parenting his son Sebastian with his ex-wife Amber Rose. The rapper was recently spending time with his loved ones this week, sharing a family video to his socials with his son Bash and Amber Rose in the background, but the focus was on a brand new addition to the family.

"What should i name him?" asked Wiz on a video of his new puppy. Clearly, the recording artist is already in love with the cute little doggo, allowing it to give him kisses on his face and lay down on his chest. Wiz tried not to laugh as his new companion nibbled on his nose, his cheeks, and his lips. From the looks of it, the puppy looks to have just been born a short while ago.

Wiz Khalifa dog
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Bash even tried to get his father's attention to brag about his hand as the family played cards but the rapper was far too distracted by what was going on between him and his curious pup. It's safe to say that he's in love.

So, what do you think he should name his brand new friend? Hopefully, he doesn't mind all the weed smoke he'll breathe in throughout his life with the Pittsburgh star.