Wiz Khalifa has been all over this year. On top of his Rolling Papers II project, he's worked with plenty of flourishing artists to expand his feature catalog. It seems he may be interested in brushing up on his acting skills and move into the television world with this latest news. Wiz Khalifa has just been announced as a star in an upcoming animated series on Fox titled Duncanville, where he will polish his voice acting chops.

As part of his career, Wiz has had to learn how to control his voice. As he works on a full R&B album right now, he's stretching his skillset and exploring a different side of his musicality. Becoming a voice actor, Wiz will be tapping into yet another side of himself in the upcoming series. Fox has ordered 13 episodes of Duncanville, which, according to Vulture, will center on "a spectacularly average 15-year-old boy, his family and friends." Wiz is joined by Amy Poehler, who will be voicing two characters, and Rashida Jones. Poehler is also producing the show, where she will portray the main character.

Duncanville is expected to premiere on Fox's programming during 2019 or 2020. In the meantime, Wiz has continued to tease his next singing album, straying away from what he knows in an attempt to win over the ladies. Stay tuned for news on that and his venture into the television landscape.