Wizkid has reacted to a rumor putting at the scene of the World Cup Opening Ceremony. The tournament popped off with the host nation of Russia trouncing the Saudi Arabian National Team in the opening match of Group A. The Opening Ceremony didn't take into account one musical performance, but sadly it wasn't Wizkid, but rather soapy English pop singer Robbie Williams, known across the pond for his Y2K inspired mega hit "Millenium." Robbie's performance went off without a hitch, while Wizkid sat on his sheepskin sofa awaiting the opening fixture of his home nation, the Nigeria Super Eagles. 

A Twitter user with the presence of mind to address the rumor, brought it to Wizkid's attention, posting: "Is it true that you will be performing at the FIFA World Cup opening ceremony," to which Wizkid replied, "Na fam, but goodluck to our boys." Although he won't be part of the exhaustive digital and television coverage for the FIFA World Cup, the reigning Afrobeats kingpin is still backing his boys, the nationalistic sentiment never any stronger. In terms of culpability, a few African website published the story without thinking twice. The FIFA governing body is somewhat out of touch with Global musical trends, seeing as Will Smith made the cut as a honoree.

Nigera begin their conquest of Group D on Saturday against the 20th ranked Croatia.