Trey Songz has faced many allegations in the past, all relating to sexual assault. But, today (July 2), the "Neighbors Know My Name" artist is being accused of something else.

A young woman took to social media to detail a run-in she had with him while at a nightclub. With a quivering voice, she began her statement by saying, "I feel like the world needs to know, and to immediately stop supporting, Trey Songz." She continued by referencing his previous accusations, adding, "Outside of his other allegations, I'm going to say something that's not an allegation-- I witnessed it first hand!"

Jeritt Clark/Getty Images

She recalled being at TrÅ« Ulta Lounge, a spot located in Phoenix, Arizona in which Trey was hosting a party. "Not all the women in his section were beautiful," she started, "but, they were all... light complected." Unamused by his selection of girls, she assured herself that it was because he hadn't seen a "pretty, chocolate girl" yet. 

She claimed that as she made her way over his section, she had high hopes that she and her friend would be let in. However, instead of seeing Trey, they were greeted by security, who assured her that her plans would not occur. According to the guard, Trey had said, "Dark-skinned women are weak," and that he didn't want any "weak a** dark-skinned women in his section."

Her instant reaction was, "What the f*ck?" While her night didn't go as planned, she stated that the DJ reassured her of her beauty. "He was like, 'Listen, you are a goddess. Don't let this get you down.'" Nonetheless, her beauty didn't match up to the $30,000 that they were paying Trey to host their event.

Her video has created some traction on social media, but not everyone is on her side. In fact, Twitter users are attacking her for supporting him despite his pending sexual assault allegations.

Check out some of the Tweets below. What are your thoughts on this situation?