Just yesterday we posted about the incident that went down involving Cuba Gooding Jr and a woman at Magic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge in New York. As the story goes, Cuba was "highly intoxicated" when he groped the unidentified woman leading them to get into a heated argument that security had to break up. 

TMZ now reports more on the story, detailing how the woman brought Cuba water while he was partying and singing karaoke as a way to help him in his toxic state. While they were talking, he grabbed her breast and that's where the argument broke out. Cuba stayed at the club for an hour or so longer before exiting. Once police arrived at the scene Cuba was nowhere to be found and the case got handed over to the NYPD Special Victims Division.

Sources tell the publication that cops haven't gotten their hands on any footage of the alleged groping but the case remains open. 

Romain Maurice/Getty Images

Cuba has been shamed for such behavior with women in the past. Back in 2016, Cuba was partying in Miami when a witness revealed at the time that he was “beyond frisky with girls.”

“He’s like Jekyll and Hyde … He goes from being super-friendly to super-aggressive,” a source described his habits. The best thing for Cuba to do right now is turn himself.