A Tallahassee woman who went missing during the past weekend's Rolling Loud festival in Miami has been found.

It was 23-year-old Ashley Espinoza-Sanchez who was reported missing during the three-day festival at Hard Rock Stadium. Friday, after a frantic week, her cousin says she received a call from authorities, alerting her that Espinoza-Sanchez was currently hospitalized in Naples, Florida.

“I haven’t slept this entire week. I’m still in shock,” says Espinoza-Sanchez's cousin, Demetria Madrigal, who resides in California. “We just want to get her home. She’s always been so sheltered; her grandmother raised her. She’s never, ever been wild.”

Rich Fury/Getty Images

Per Madrigal, the festival was her cousin's second concert ever. Madrigal adds that her cousin was last seen with who police described as “an unknown black male, 5′10″ – 6′0″, thin build.” It was this individual who allegedly helped a lost and confused Espinoza-Sanchez

“She actually spent the night with this gentleman, which I need to reach out and thank him very much because she didn’t have any money, she didn’t have her phone, she didn’t have anything,” Madrigal adds. “If he didn’t give her a place to sleep or give her shoes and socks she would have been wandering without anything.”

Espinoza-Sanchez, who drove to the three-day event with her friend Nicholas Prevost, disappeared after handing her phone to Prevost.

Madrigal is unsure where her cousin has been since, but she says that investigators informed her that her cousin indicated that she may have been drugged when she arrived at a medic tent at the festival.