Zion Williamson is slated to be drafted with the first overall pick tonight as the New Orleans Pelicans have the top slot. The Duke Blue Devils player was the most exciting prospect in the NCAA this season thanks to his monstrous dunks and tantalizing blocks. Whether or not Zion's success will translate to the NBA remains to be seen, but there is no denying just how much of a draw he is. 

As Zion heads to the NBA, one of the custom sneakers he wore this season will be put up for auction and will most likely go for over $25K. Unfortunately for all of the collectors out there, it's not the pair of PG 2.5's that broke on him earlier in the season. Instead, the shoes are a pair of black and blue Nike Kyrie 5's that were worn at the beginning of the season.

“Even though these are not those historic sneakers, the fact that he played in just 33 college basketball games and these are his first sneakers to be offed at auction make them a truly special item," Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions told TMZ Sports.

Once Williamson makes it into the NBA, his sneakers will probably yield even more money at auction, especially if he's able to be an instant success like some people think.