Wu-Tang Clan rapper Cappadonna is about to release his new album Black Tarrzann, and fans are already speaking at length about the project despite it not even being out. Unfortunately, people are coming to conclusions about the project through its cover artwork, with the iconic emcee being flooded with rude comments about the graphic design job.

"COMING SOON: BLACK TARRZANN....FEATURING (KILLER PRIEST)," announced Cappadonna on Instagram, sharing the cover artwork for the upcoming project. It shows a picture of the rapper crouched in the park with half of his face replaced by that of a lion. In each corner of the artwork, different animals are pasted in. Once you see the cover, you'll likely understand why people are howling about it online.

"The editing on this cover is horrible," wrote one person in his comments, a sentiment that was echoed dozens of times. "WTF is that? This cover is horrible," said another.

Al Pereira/Getty Images

People have offered their work as graphic designers for his next album release, but Cap is sticking by this one. "It’s not for you… everything ain’t for everybody especially when those who lack understanding," responded the rapper to his critics. When somebody said they hope he didn't pay for this cover, Cap said, "What do you care about what kind of underwear I have…look at my cover as my underwear….And if you know where to get some free ones make sure to get you some…happynewyears thankyou."

What do you think of Cappadonna's album cover?