Over the past few months, WWE has announced various cuts to its roster. There have been various rumors surrounding the WWE and its ownership, so it only makes sense these cuts would be made as the company looks to re-tool for the future. Unfortunately, some extremely talented individuals have been cut in the process, which has left many fans angered over the direction of the WWE.

For instance, fans were left in shock today after it was revealed that the company was letting go of Bray Wyatt who just came off of a fight against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37. Wyatt hadn't been present during any recent telecasts which had many fans worried about his status, now, it is confirmed that he won't be back.

Bray Wyatt

JP Yim/Getty Images

The decision was met with a lot of criticism and vitriol as fans immediately based the WWE for its latest move. Underneath the tweet below, fans let their feelings be known, with one supporter saying "This company is going down the gutter man. Honestly, I grew up with star studded names from Taker to Angle to Austin. Who do they have now? Bar Reigns there’s hardly anyone that can draw or is a draw. Cena is part time. Embarrassing. Thanks god for AEW."

Various other fans brought up the AEW as they no longer want to support the WWE. Some of the biggest fan favorites are now gone, and it's hard for some supporters to want to stick around, especially if the company continues to go in this direction.

You can check out the reactions to Wyatt's dismissal, below.