Soulja Boy might have made a few statements that he can't back up, tweeting that the rap game was "faker" than WWE a few weeks ago. The tweet was offensive to a few WWE Superstars, who took turns dissing the "Crank Dat" rapper. Randy Orton, one of the longest-tenured wrestlers with the company, was the leading man behind the WWE Vs. Soulja Boy charge. After the initial surge wore off, Randy took to Twitter to jab the rapper some more, showing off two wrestlers' battle scars after their hard-fought bout last night on Monday Night RAW.

"Fake. Right @souljaboy?" sarcastically asked Randy Orton, sharing pictures of Drew McIntyre and Sheamus' cuts and bruises from their match on Monday night. He proceeded to go pretty low, especially in the wake of Nia Riley's recent comments about Soulja Boy. "Btw, which one of yo baby’s mommas do I send the bill to for making you relevant again? I assume they all own yo ass so whose cuttin those checks."

Soulja Boy's relationship woes have been widely publicized as part of numerous reality television shows, but in the last week, Nia Riley accused the rapper of kicking her in the stomach while she was pregnant and forcing a miscarriage, also pointing out other instances of abuse.

Robert Kamau/Getty Images

With Bow Wow currently training for a spot in the WWE, many believe that Soulja Boy could end up creating a tag-team with him to face off against Randy Orton in a handicap match at WrestleMania. Would you watch that match? And who do you think would win?