WWE superstar AJ Styles was reportedly the victim of a burglary earlier this week while he performed at a WWE Live event on Monday night at the Convocation Center in Arkansas.

According to the report, the thief (or thieves) took off with a black bag belonging to Styles which contained $1,000, $7,000 in Japanese Yen, an iPhone, a set of Beats headphones, a small screen TV, an XBox 360 and multiple video games.

Arkansas State University police are currently investigating the incident. 

Styles is one of the company's best in-ring performers right now, having held the WWE world championship title since September when he defeated Dean Ambrose at the Backlash PPV.

He's proven to be nearly untouchable inside of the squared circle as of late and he's currently preparing for a mega fight against John Cena at the Royal Rumble on Sunday, January 29th.