Michael Che and Colin Jost of Saturday Night Live are big wrestling fans and have been a part of WWE Monday Night Raw in the past, hosting the event on a couple of occasions. One of the bigger guys in WWE, Braun Strowman, was confronted by Jost a while back, who told the wrestler that what he does is completely fake. This led to Jost being choked up against a wall. While Jost has tried to end the bad blood between the two, Strowman won't let the beef go that easily and is now asking for both Che and Jost to have an extended roll in Wrestlemania 35.

The two were supposed to be special correspondents, but according to Uproxx, Strowman called them out on Monday Night Raw last night, inviting both to come settle the score during the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Jost and Che accepted the invitation which will make for an interesting Battle Royale. After all, these are two comedians going up against professional wrestlers.

Whatever the script ends up calling for, we're sure the match will be an interesting one. 

Wrestlemania 35 will go down in New Jersey on April 7th. Will you be watching it?