WWE Wrestling star Toni Storm was hacked this week which led to nude photos of herself appearing online. In the aftermath of the leak, Storm deleted her Twitter and Instagram accounts and has been completely absent from social media. Fans of the wrestler and other members of the WWE community went online to show Storm some support, creating the hashtag #WeSupportToni.

One of the people who showed support was SmackDown general manager Paige, who experienced a similar leak back in 2017. On Twitter, she said " from someone that has experienced the same thing I strongly support you girl. It’s gonna be hard and people are gonna be mean because they don’t understand. But you’re a strong, talented woman. You’ll get through this. Your future is too bright to be dimmed."

According to Independent.Ie, there was even a Twitter account made called @WeSupportToni which already has over 1,000 followers and even shared a supportive message to its page.

Mauro Ranallo, an NXT announcer also commented on the situation saying “Toni Storm is an amazing performer and more importantly, a good person. I am sickened by what she has had to endure. The harassment and invasion of privacy in our society needs to stop.”

To see more of the support going Storm's way, check out the tweets below.