WWE wrestler Jimmy Uso and his wife Naomi, who is also a wrestler, were stopped by police back in February after going the wrong direction down a one-way street. While police were conducting their investigation, Uso got out of his car and got half-naked, all while trying to square up with police. Uso was promptly arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for his outburst. There is even bodycam footage of the event which is pretty damning evidence against him. 

Despite his indiscretions, it appears as though Uso has caught a break here and will not have to face any jail time. According to TMZ Sports, Uso and his attorney have reached a deal with prosecutors. The details of the deal are quite simple. Uso basically just had to plead no contest to interfering with a govt. employee while also paying a $450 fee. Had Uso been convicted, there was a risk that he could have gone to prison.

As for Naomi, she wasn't arrested or charged with anything the night of the alleged incident. After being pressed by fans on Twitter about the whole ordeal, the wrestler ended up lashing out, saying "I was NOT ticketed, I was NOT drinking, leaving the lot I was unaware that it exits to a 1 way street."