We've been actively reporting on the numbers tied to the recent installment to the X-Men franchise, Dark Phoenix. And from the beginning of its roll-out in theatres, it has been doing poorly. To begin, the disappointing box office number related to Dark Phoenix's debut meant the movie had the worst opening in the franchise's history with a meager $14 million dollars nationwide and $33 million over the weekend. Moreover, the L's continued being taken upon the movie's second week wherein sales plummeted by 83%, only bringing in $2.438 million dollars during its second week. Many have blamed the movie's underperformance as a result of "franchise fatigue," something Men In Black: International slightly experienced but not as badly. Moreover, the director behind the movie has now spoken and is taking full responsibility for the movie doing so badly

According to People, Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg took blame during an interview with The Business Podcast: "This weekend for me was certainly more disappointing then I’d anticipated, but I was anticipating or bracing for a tough weekend. I’d always felt like we had a tough date for this particular movie." In addition, Kinberg adds that Avengers: Endgame's huge success did not help, "Coming out 5-6 weeks after what will be the biggest, or second biggest movie in the history of cinema that happens to also be in the genre of superheroes was tough for us. But I wouldn’t blame it on the weekend, like it clearly is a movie that didn’t connect. That’s on me."