Both X-Men: Dark Phoenix and the Secret Life Of Pets 2 made their cinematic debut this past weekend. While both movies failed to meet the expectations of projection sales, Secret Life Of Pets 2 won the battle and snatched the number one spot in Box Office. Despite the second addition to the franchise accumulating a total of $47.11 million dollars, which is less than half of what the movies made during the inauguration of the first installment, it still is scheduled to acquire much profitability considering its $80 million production cost. On the other hand, X-Men: Dark Phoenix embodied what many consider to be a box office flop and the result of franchise fatigue. The new movie only resulted in a disappointing $33 million dollars over the weekend which marked its debut as the worst one in X-Men's 20-year history. Though there remained much hope that the movie would do better internationally. 

The numbers are in for that as well and reflect a stronger start overseas. X-Men: Dark Phoenix was able to grab a total of $107 million dollars in the international box office, but work still remains for the film to make up for its $200 million dollar production cost. We expect more information on this in the future.