Fox is taking their second shot at bringing the Dark Phoenix character to life, and this time, it looks like they got it right. Yesterday night (September 26), Fox released the trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and the footage finally gives nervous fans a peek at what's to come. Dark Phoenix was slated to touch down this Fall, but massive reshoots to the third act pushed it back to February. 

Simon Kinberg has produced several X-Men films, but this time, he's helming the movie. Kinberg's vision for Dark Phoenix appears to align more with the comic book origin. In the new trailer, we witness the X-Men travel to space and come into contact with the Phoenix force. Jean's backstory is briefly touched on, and Professor X's immoral, but necessary, manipulation of her powers is also briefly displayed. Professor X's decision to lock away parts of Jean's mind will tear the team apart, and one scene shows Beast siding with Magneto. 

There is also a funeral in the trailer, and also very little footage of Mystique in what appears to be later scenes. Fans are speculating that it is the blue-skinned hero that dies, and a shot of Beast pressing his head on hers seems to confirm this theory. Check out the trailer for X-Men: Dark Phoenix below, and catch it when it hits theaters on Valentine's Day 2019.