Rockstar Games created a worldwide phenomenon when they introduced Grand Theft Auto to the gaming community. One of the most popular titles in the GTA series, San Andreas, featured the first Black main character in the franchise and also brought the gorgeous Los Angeles landscape into the mix. That was back in 2004, but now, Rockstar has announced that they will be bringing San Andreas to Xbox One via its backwards compatibility function.

According to Rockstarthe game developer will be bringing three of their classic games back. GTA: San Andreas, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, and Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis. For San Andreas gamers can play the original Xbox version or the better looking Xbox 360 edition. 2008's Midnight Club: Los Angeles will also have both the original and Complete Edition available for play on the Xbox One. The Complete Edition features an additional location among other add-ons. 

Rockstar's website writes that, "On Thursday, digital game owners will have instant access to the games on Xbox One, so they can download them from the “Ready to Install” section of their Xbox One and play at will. Physical game owners can just pop the Xbox 360 game disc (or Xbox game disc as well for San Andreas) into their Xbox One and download the game."