The Xbox Series X system pricing has been a closely guarded secret in the gaming community. It's almost as if Sony and Microsoft are at a standoff, refusing to announce their console price until the other does. This has led gamers to do research of their own, and now, an apparent leak has pinned down a projected price range for the new system. 

As reported by Forbes, Pringles is holding a contest for a new Xbox Series X in South Africa. Twitter users were able to take a look at the fine print of the contest, where it explains how many consoles are being given out and the estimated value of the contest. Using some quick math, Twitter users calculated that each individual Xbox Series X would equal R13,500, which would convert to $815.

There is little chance that the new system will be going for $815 here in the US. The price, in UK pound, equates to £611, which makes a little more sense and helps guide speculations. If the console stays in the £600 range, it is likely that the US version will try to copy that $600 range. Of course, due to taxes and other variables, these numbers can fluctuate.