Over the course of the last year and a bit, XXXTentacion has had a lot of heat on him over his actions towards women, namely his girlfriend. After a video broke out recently of X punching a woman in the face, he quieted down for some time to let the heat die over. Unfortunately, some people are getting upset about the rapper's verbal aggressivity towards one of his family members, resurfacing all of the drama that he hoped would dissipate. As many rappers of the younger generation have been doing, X was on a live-stream during his League of Legends session when he raged at somebody loitering in his room.

Simply trying to enjoy some privacy, X could have used a quieter tone but, sometimes you get caught up in the heat of the moment. According to fans of the rapper on Reddit, he is yelling at his nephew, screaming, "Yo, are you gonna get the fuck out of my room or are you gonna sit there and play the fucking game?" When the child responds to him, he gets intense, saying, "Then sit the fuck down and play the fucking game. Don't stare at the fucking computer screen after I tell you to get the fuck out my room." Near the end of the recording, it sounds like a door closes in his room, as his nephew likely followed X's demands.

Do you think the surfacing of this video will land X in hot water or are his critics simply overreacting? Judge for yourself below.