One of the most successful young artists to have been described as a "SoundCloud rapper" is XXXTentacion. With a mixed public opinion on the man behind the music, it is undeniable that he is incredibly talented on the microphone. Both 17 and have been well-received with the latter celebrating a tremendous accomplishment today. While yesterday he was spending the day with his grandmother, posting throwback photos on his Instagram story, today he uses the same platform to show off a brand new plaque. 

X was presented an award for reaching over one billion streams for his most recent album ?. The rapper is being awarded this prize after only one month of the album being made available on streaming services. Released in early March, "SAD!" is the driving force behind the album's success, being co-signed by plenty of his cohorts along the way. Showing off his versatility on each track offered on ?,  the Broward County resident appears to have a bright future ahead of him and, as long as he keeps up his recent trend of positivity, we will likely see a lot more of X on the charts. 

The rapper is already working on his next album, claiming that he's nearly finished at this point. Having just released ?, it is unclear when XXX plans to release his upcoming effort but it will likely land him a few more streams to add on top of his billion.