Late Florida rapper XXXTentacion had so many emotional ideas fleshed out in his mind before passing away and his estate has been pushing out the majority of his planned projects in the last year. After the lukewarm reception to Skins, some fans were unsure if they even wanted a second posthumous body of work from the "Sad!" artist. In the next few days though, his previously-planned Bad Vibes Forever will be upon us with features from Trippie Redd, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and plenty of others. The title of the project meant a lot to XXX and, in an old video shared by Trippie Redd, you can hear exactly what the rapper had in mind while creating the work.

"To kind of explain what Bad Vibes Forever is as a whole... I put 'Bad Vibes' on my face because I wanted to deter anyone that basically has this preconceived notion," said the late rapper. "When you see someone and you immediately judge them, those aren't the people that I wanna attract. I don't wanna attract people who look at me and think I'm an idiot due to how I look."

XXXTentacion was a very intelligent man and we miss his emotional wisdom in the rap game. Bad Vibes Forever releases at the end of this week. Will you be checking it out?