The second posthumous album from XXXTentacion, Bad Vibes Forever, was released last Friday (Dec. 6). To celebrate the release, an installation was set up in Miami, which coincided with Art Basel. A day-long party was held at the multi-sensory exhibit, where rare photos, murals and memorabilia were displayed. 

One piece of memorabilia in particular provoked criticism, as it called to memory an unfortunate moment. The late artist's estate thought it was a good idea to include the car that he was fatally shot, in June of 2018, in as part of the installation. While some pointed out that the black 2017 BMW i8 was one of X's most prized possessions, others felt that the decision to display it was insensitive, morbid and triggering. One angered fan tweeted: "I don’t care if it was 'the car of his dreams'.. Am I the only one who feels this way wtf.. X fans man, wake the f*ck up.." 

This controversy adds to the ongoing conversation surrounding appropriate ways for estates and record labels to salvage an artists' legacies after they pass away. Many feel that certain practices evidence exploitation of the dead, rather than taking into consideration what the artist may have wanted. Where do you stand on this issue? Let us know in the comments.