When XXXTentacion passed away last year, he was working on two separate projects. The first, Skins, was released at the end of last year and was considered one of the worst albums of 2018 by many critics. The album generally sounded unfinished and some fans believe the rapper would never have released it in that state. Much has been said about the way XXXTentacion's estate has been handling his legacy. The second project, Bad Vibes Forever, is right around the corner and already, people are unhappy with it. Specifically, X's diehard stans are not impressed with the inclusion of Lil Nas X on the tracklist.

The upcoming second posthumous album from the late Florida rapper is set to include appearances from Lil Wayne, Ky-Mani Marley, Tory Lanez, Blink-182, and, of course, Lil Nas X. XXXTentacion's fans are genuinely confused as to why the decision was made to include LNX on the project. Some assume that it's to boost streams but anything released under X's name is bound to rack up millions upon millions on every platform. Given the fact that Lil Nas X only became popular a few months ago, there is a very slim chance that X had even heard of the rapper before he died. That makes up much of the reason for the fans' frustration.

Are you irked about Lil Nas X appearing on Bad Vibes Forever or could you care less?