Although XXXTentacion may be gone, his mother Cleopatra Bernard has vowed to keep his legacy alive through the XXXTentacion Foundation. In case you didn't know, X was in the middle of a charitable spree prior to his untimely death, and many artists and fans have since opened up on his positive impact. Now, The XXXTentacion Foundation continues to honor his memory, and there's little doubt that X would be proud at their latest endeavor. 

After a young woman was paralyzed in a car accident, The XXXTentacion Foundation provided her with a $25k device to facilitate the road to recovery. Bernard documented the process on Instagram, sharing footage of the device in action. "You guys made this possible. This young lady @freakjetta_103was in a tragic car accident,that rendered her paralyzed," writes Bernard. "The @Xxxtentacionfoundation was able to help her with this 25k device to help her get back on her feet."

The recipient of the device opened up on her own page. "I jus wanna thank God first than thank Xxxtentacion, his foundation, && his MOTHER For helping get my TEK RMD on my gofundme page," writes "Freakjetta_103." "It was definitely a process but I’m glad to say there’s Always people out there watching you from a distance && this lady cleo_ohsojazzzyy really came to my rescue."

You can't hate on this.