At the time of his passing, XXXTentacion was working on a bunch of new music. As he was finalizing ?, he announced that he was also working on projects titled Skins and Bad Vibes Forever. Unfortunately, it appeared as though we would never hear the albums after X was murdered earlier this year. While it's somewhat selfish of fans to expect new music after an artist passes away, it also allows memories to live on and legacies to grow. X's estate has been generous so far, releasing a few new songs through collaborations with Lil Peep and Lil Pump. It came to light that a posthumous album was in the works and it appears as though it won't be a singular project.

According to DJ Scheme, a friend of the late artist, Skins will not be the final album released posthumously by XXXTentacion. In an Instagram post, he asked fans if they were excited about the upcoming work. Some were clearly hyped to hear X's voice again. Others were more reluctant, believing that the album was too bittersweet to make a judgment call. One fan responded to the post by saying they were stuck since Skins may be the last X project ever. DJ Scheme was quick to reassure them though, saying that "it's not," before adding a smiley face for good measure.

Obviously, the nature of the posthumous album is a touchy subject. Some people are for it and others are against it. What are your thoughts?